Xmas Town

Some guides and tips here

Best Tools and Scripts for Xmas town:

Doctorn – This browser extension works on Chrome and Firefox and comes with a built in ‘cheat’ for some of the mini games as well as a revealer that helps you find presents, chests, and NPCs on the map.

CT2019 – This script requires tampermonkey or greasemonkey to function. This script reveals presents, chest, and NPCs, and also automatically tabulates the amount of items you find during the event. The script is no longer supported though.


Ok, with CT coming up soon, I thought I’d share the method used to solve these chests. To many these first seem impossible, but rest assured, the combo chest mechanic does give you hints. You have to approach it correctly as a logic puzzle and there is still a little luck involved.

Counter to what you might first think, you don’t want to get a number in the right spot early. The best thing to happen is to be able to continue to use all three slots to find/eliminate numbers of the combination on your first few unlocks. Here is an example:

I went ahead and rotated the numbers to 4/5/6 before clicking my first unlock just to show you can start anywhere in your search. (fastest would just be to click unlock on 1/2/3 and get your first bit of info, but anyway…)

note that the 4 and 5 are red background, this means that they are not in the combination at all. The 6 however has an orange background and a circle of dots. This means the 6 IS in the combination, but in a different location. We have useful information, but we don’t want to try to put the 6 in place yet. we want to search for the other two numbers and want to use as many slots as possible to find them. so next up are 7/8/9

note that they are all red background. None of those numbers are in our combination. That leaves 1/2/3 and two attempts. We know 6 is in one of the first two positions and we might need both attempts to place it, so we start now with 6 in the first position. Because we know that two numbers out of 1/2/3 are going to work on this turn, we are guaranteed at least one correct number and if it’s not in the correct location, we will know it’s the other location that is “not” the correct location for the 6. In this case though, the 6 and the 2 are in the correct position:

Now we know the only thing left is the 3 and the only position left is middle. We are ready to open it with our last attempt!

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From Monchoon:

Christmas Town offers Snowglobe Ornaments as prizes for completing certain puzzles. Each Snowglobe increases your item spawn rate by 1%. I have provided below an easy-to-follow walkthrough guide for all maps that currently provide snowglobes. I will keep this guide updated as changes are made and new snowglobes are awarded.

If any of you have walked through these maps last year or in the past at all, I highly recommend that you reset your position by clicking the two arrows next to the coordinates and beginning the guide from the spawn points of each map.
I will be using coordinates [x,y] throughout this guide as a reference. If you’re unsure how to tell check the screenshot below to find your position on the map (in Red). I have also indicated how to reset your position and return to the spawn point of a map (in Blue):

Holiday Terror

Follow the path east, then north. Cross the bridge and continue along the path through the town avoiding any obvious traps (holes in the road, open manhole covers, etc.). Keep going east and north until you reach the Mansion’s Labyrinth [coordinates are 121,29]

The mansion entrance is at 131,41.

Once inside go north and and you will see a path guarded by skeletons.
Follow the brown path until you reach the black squares then follow this:
3 up, 2 left, 2 up, 4 right, 1 down, 3 right, 6 up, 2 left, 1 down, 6 left, 2 down, 2 left, 4 up. 5 right, 4 up.
The second path is a replica of the first path you walked on.

You will come to an area where you have to choose between two caves. (You will need to repeat this FOUR times and it will seem like you are spawning in the same spot, this is normal, don’t worry. After the fourth time you will get to the Christmas room).

For the First Question, the answer is: Christmas Miracle go to the Left Cave
For the Second Question, the answer is: 24/12/2019 go to the Left Cave
For the Third Question, the answer is: Hohoho Coldington go to the Right Cave

Now take the Left Cave (Christmas Miracle Cave) and you will end up in a room with red floors and candy canes around. Go to the top right of the map and you will see an icy cave entrance (coordinates are 101, -74).

Go westward and look for a little yellow NPC named Erik the last elf. He will be running around to give you a snowglobe. (You may have to follow him around for a while before he will give it to you.)

Chedburn Towers

Take the Fast Travel teleport to Chedburn Towers:

Enter the lobby and zig zag your way up the stairs, each floor.

You will eventually find yourself in an area where you have to answer a series of questions by walking on the corresponding numbers.

The answers are : 3 9 5 4 9 2 6 8

After you get past the numbers section you will be in Ched’s office go West and then walk all the way down the stairs on the left side. (blue path)

You will see the check-in room.
Now go south down the stairs, then East and down the little staircase to the basement.

From here go East to the prison cells. you want to go to the last jail cell in the top right corner. Step on the switch to open the cell and make a run for it (You may find it easier to have a friend step on the switch for you.

There is a tunnel dug out here. Follow this path all the way, you will eventually get to a fork in the path go left.

Continue along the path until you enter the vault room.
In the Vault Room the Chedburn NPC will give you the Labyrinth Snowglobe.

Stanley Hotel

From the starting point, go north and enter the house.

Go up and activate the gate switch at [188,72]
Continue North-East and follow the blood trail through the forest until you reach a cave.
Enter the cave and you will arrive in the room with the monster.

Use Defend (Shield), then Attack (Swords), Then Magic (Sparkly blue) to kill it.

Finally you end up in the room with Worker Bob who will give you the Sawmill Snowglobe!

Kiss My Festivus

From the starting point, follow the path North to the taxis and take the taxi to the Dark Forest [coordinates at 96,16]

From there go east along the road and continue east into the snow. You will eventually see a faint blue trail.

Follow the faint blue trail South-East through the woods until you reach a grate [coordinates at 114,-89].

Someone will tell you to take their snowmobile. Go west to the snowmobile and becareful not to step on any of the hollybushes or you will go back to the start.

You will be teleported to the sawmill where the lumberjack hands you the key.
Then walk south and then east (its a long walk east) along the path back to the grate.

Step on the grate to enter it.
There is a bit of a maze now, and you want to end up in the northeast part of the map to another cave opening [coordinates at 156,-74].

You will arrive on an island and there is a swan boat directly underneath you. Take the small stairs up and around to that swan boat.

You will be taken to a new island.
Walk a few spaces south and onto the blue sparkles at [12, -79].

You will be on another island with a few trailers.
Go north into a new cave opening.

This isnt a teleport so just keep walking under the ice in a Northwestern direction, its mostly up and to the left. You will come out of the cave.

Follow this all the way up and then go east when it opens up and you will see a house [entrance to the house at 26,58].

Enter the house, walk north a few steps through the glittery entrance and you will be in the house.
Make your way along South-East and you will see the Evil-Duck NPC who will give you the Car Snowglobe.

Christmas Town

Presently no snowglobe available, will update as soon as I know more.

Among Us in Torn

For this puzzle you need to complete 3 maps. You will have to find the “Red Button” to call a meeting and answer the questions before progressing to the next area.

From the Spawn Point walk to the teleport to enter Map 1 [coordinates at 399,12]

In Map 1 you will already be in the Cafeteria, just go down and around to the Red Button [coordinates at 502, -1].

1: D
2: B
3: A
4: A
5: D
6: D
7: C
8: B
9: Any
10: C
11: A
12: D
13: D
14: D
Final: B (Green)

You will then be transported to Map 2.
In Map 2 you will need to walk South along the path and then East enter the vent to get to the next section [coordinates at 556, 24].

Once you go through the vent you will be in the next Cafeteria. Go South to where the Red Button is [coordinates :571,32].

1: B
2: D
3: A
4: A
5: B
6: D
7: C
Final: A (White)

You will then be transported to Map 3.
In Map 3 you walk directly south a little and along the hallway where you will need to enter a vent on your left. [coordinates at 345, 170].

You will be taken to the Office where you find the final Red Button [coordinates at 356, 173].

1: C
2: C
3: A
4: D
5: A
6: B
7: B
8: C
9: D

As soon as you complete the last set of questions you can enter the “PEEP SHOW” to earn the Ship Wheel Ornament.

Huge thank you to rfmswateam [2557219] and all of the awesome people at The Next Level for helping solve this one so quickly.