Nerve and Crime

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Goal: achieving a 60 NNB, to participate in Political Assassination Organized Crimes (PA), and gain a high CE.

What is NNB? It stands for Natural Nerve Bar. Basically your nerve without any bonuses from company, faction or merits. It increases from successfully completing crimes, as they give you Crime Experience (CE). Higher CE increases NNB, which means you can do more crime and you’re better at it. Got it? Good.

15 nnb (Absolute beginner)

Step 1. Do 30 of the Search for Money crime (2 nerve each), choose any.

Step 2. Do 150 of the Selling Illegal Products crime (3 nerve each), do the last one on the list.

Step 3. Do the steal jacket from the clothing store crime (4 nerve). Repeat until your nnb increases to 20.

20 nnb

Step 1. Do 100 of the pickpocket the businessman crime (5 nerve).

Step 2. Get yourself a balaclava.

Step 3. Do the Armed Robbery - ‘Thorough Robbery’ crime (7 nerve).

25 nnb
Step 1. Continue doing the Armed Robbery - ‘Thorough Robbery’ crime (7 nerve).

Step 2. Education! Study: Introduction to General Studies & the Driving License. [Important, do not skip]

Optional Step 3. FOR THE BRAVE, take a look ahead at those Arson, give it a shot! Fortune favours the bold.

30-60 nnb

Step 1. Buy a gas can from the item market.

Step 2. Do the Arson - Warehouse Arson; crime (11 nerve).

Note you will be hospitalised approx. 1 in 30 times doing this crime, keep some morphine or blood bags on you.

Optional Step 3. Buy a Windproof Lighter from the item market.

60 nnb

Step 1. Celebrate with blackjack and hookers.

Step 2. Continue the Arson - Warehouse Arson; crime (11 nerve).


After you have all the merits in Education, spending your merits in Crime Experience is the next best investment for making quicker progress. Once you reach 40 nnb, feel free to reset your merits and invest the Crime Experience ones elsewhere, they’re only really useful with low nnb.

Organized Crimes (OCs)

OCs give great crime experience to you & they’re great for the faction. To be great at OCs there are a few simple rules to live by:

Rule 1. When your OC is ready, be in Torn! If you’re flying, the OC cannot begin, which screws over your team and the faction.

Rule 2. See Rule 1.

Rule 3: Seriously, that’s it - don’t let the team down, follow rule 1.

By Reno

(Tldr: International Beer Day August 5th 12:00 TCT to 7th 12:00 is most effective if you start the day with 0 hrs booster cd, drink glasses of beer instead of bottles of beer, and work at a pub of 7* or more. Kegs of beer will cost more as Beer Day draws closer and many kegs will be partially empty.)

Coming week we’ll have International Beer Day. It is not for everyone as some might prefer or need to use their booster cd for happy jumps, energy drinks, fhcs etc., but I for one am pretty excited to get totally wasted that day. This event quintuples nerve from beer items and it requires a small amount of preparation for those that want to make the most use out of this event.

Supplies and scams.

Only two alcoholic drinks are buffed by this event. Besides the standard bottle of beer, there is also the item ‘glass of beer’, which gives a base of 2 nerve per unit. This item can be bought for tickets during the Christmas Town event, and can be acquired from the ‘Keg of beer’ supply pack. A full keg of beer can be used approximately 80 times before it is destroyed and with each use a glass of beer appears in your inventory. The glasses of beer can’t be sold, but a partially filled keg of beer can be put back on the market and you have no way of knowing how many uses it still has. THE MARKET IS RIFE WITH USED KEGS, and on International Beer Day it will be at its worst since people will take the beer they need and place the keg back on the market. The sources don’t tell the full story though, as myself and two friends have had mixed results with kegs. Some were disappointing, others were way better than 80 servings. Whatever the deal is with kegs, they are a mixed bag. Take this risk at your own peril.

Combining nerve multipliers.

All alcohol buffing effects are multiplicative. With our current Voracity perk (+50% alcohol effect), beer isn’t multiplied by just 5, but with an additional 1.5 for a total of 7.5. Pubs or Grocery stores with a high enough star ratings can increase this multiplier even further. The fractional part of the nerve gain that drinks often end up with represents the chance to get an extra point of nerve. For instance, if the nerve value of a drink is 7.5, you’re guaranteed to get 7 nerve and have a 50% shot at getting 8 nerve instead. See the table for average nerve gain on IBD with different multipliers.

Voracity Grocery + voracity Pub + voracity
Beer 7.5 8.25 11.25
Glass of beer 15 16.5 22.5

Managing booster cd.

We get +15 hours of max booster cd from the faction at the moment, and the event lasts 48 hours. That means that if you start drinking at the event with 0 hours of booster cd you could drink 87 beers/glasses of beer during the event. Grocery stores, restaurants and mining corporations with enough stars decrease the booster cd gained from alcohol, so they’d allow you respectively to drink 96, 116 and 124 drinks.

Best company.

I’ve compared companies that affect your ability to make use of this event (see table), and in my opinion the pub is the best by some margin, as it has the highest potential and is the most cost-effective.

Max drinks Nerve (beer/glass) Total nerve (beer/glass)
Other/none 87 7.5/15 652.5/1301
Grocery 96 8.25/16.5 792/1584
Mining 124 7.5/15 930/1860
Pub 87 11.25/22.5 978.75/1957.5
Restaurant 116 7.5/15 870/1740


Props to Maeeca for pointing out there is a book that doubles alcohol effects. It’s called ‘Get drunk and lose dignity’ It might be a good time to start reading it if you have it, because the result on IBD is nuts.


Whether with bottles of beer or glasses, you can get a lot of nerve coming. If you’re tired of your job or don’t have one, consider working at a pub, since there is still time to get past the recruitment period and benefit from the perk. Also, take the scammy nature of beer kegs into consideration when deciding whether to use glasses of beer, and remember this event when you buy glasses of beer next Christmas Town so you won’t have to rely on beer kegs next year.

By Hard_Rick

[This is a work in progress, better formatting and editing will come over time]

One of the most steady ways that the faction and it’s members can gain cash and respect is through organized crimes. There are 8 different organized crimes and they scale up significantly. Each successful OC will gain the faction some cash and respect, and the members who participated in the crime will gain significant crime xp as well.

OCs are one of the main reasons we ask people to use Tornstats, and it is the main purpose of this thread as well. Your Natural Nerve Bar (NNB) is what we use to determine the success rate of your potential organized crime.

We have been asking people lately to be aware of their OC timers, but this really does not apply to people who are in Blackmails, Kidnapping, or Bomb Threat OCs.

If you are a member of a Planned Robbery crime or higher, please see if you can find someone to activate your OC if it is ready, especially before travel on a long trip. If a trip would cause your OC to delay, there is a red warning message in the game when asking you to confirm your travel destination.

Some OCs, especially the Cruise Liner organized crime, require many different people to complete. If just 1 or 2 people involved ignore the warnings, the crime can be ready for days or even weeks before someone is able to activate the crime. Organized crimes can only be activated when every member of the OC team is in Torn and has an ‘Okay’ status.

There may be times one of us may ask you to get out of the hospital, so that we can activate a crime. As the same with travel, this will only really happen with people in higher level OCs.

Types of Organized Crimes:

Blackmail: 2 Members, beginner level, any NNB will work.
Respect gained: 1-2
Cash gained: $6,000 - 10,000
Time: 1 day

Kidnapping**: 2** Members, beginner level, 20+ NNB
Respect gained: 3-5
Cash Gained: $15,000 - 35,000
Time: 2 days

Bomb Threat**: 3** Members, beginner level, 25+ NNB
Respect gained: 7-10
Cash Gained: $50,000 - 150,000
Time: 3 days

Planned Robbery**: 5** Members, intermediate level, 35+ NNB
Respect gained: 18-24
Cash Gained: $400,000 - 600,000
Time: 4 days

Train Robbery**: 6** Members, intermediate level, 40+ NNB
Respect gained: 25-35
Cash Gained: $3,250,000 - 4,250,000
Time: 5 days

Cruise Liner**: 15** Members, advanced level, 45+ NNB
Respect gained: 65-80
Cash Gained: $17,500,000 - 27,500,000
Time: 6 days

Plane Hijack**: 8** Members, advanced level, 55+ NNB
Respect gained: 80-100
Cash Gained: $20,000,000 - 50,000,000
Time: 7 days

President Assassination**: 4** Members, ultimate level, 60+ NNB
Respect gained: 200-300
Cash Gained: $100,000,000 - 300,000,000
Time: 8 days

How else does this affect me?
Many people think these organized crimes really only benefit the faction, but they would be very wrong!

First of all, you gain large amounts of crime xp for each OC success, and you lose none for any failures. It is free xp for everyone, and it scales rapidly.

Here is an estimated amount of crime experience you will gain for each OC, in the form of relative warehouse arsons (worth 11 nerve each and are the gold standard for measuring crime):

Blackmail: ~5 arsons
Kidnap: ~10 arsons
Bomb Threat: ~20 arsons
Planned Robbery: ~35 arsons
Train Robbery: ~50 arsons
Cruise Liner: ~73 arsons
Plane Hijack: ~144 arsons
President Assassination: ~650 arsons!

With those numbers, one can see the exponential gains we can each get to our nerve bars. Doing a bomb threat or lower will still give you a big chunk of crime xp; even a simple blackmail is worth 55 nerve worth of successful arsons! A successful cruise liner is worth around 800 nerve, that is a lot of beer!

Finally, the more of these you do, the more NNB you will gain, which eventually leads to OCs that PAY YOU. Once you hit 60 NNB, a successful Presidential Assassination can basically earn you $20-60 Million bucks each week, passively! Plane Hijacks and Presidential Assassinations are currently the only crimes we are paying out, but that may change in the future when we have more people able to successfully do more difficult OCs.

To be added:

Do merits help OCs? No
Law Firms
Only raw Crime Experience (which is hidden and roughly represented by your Natural Nerve Bar) and the player company: Law Firm’s +20% bonus to OC’s affect Organized Crimes.

by Anto_capone