Jamm's Gym Training Guide

Taken from Jamm’s post here.

Everyone talks about the elusive Happy Jump which is the fastest way to gain stats, but at a cost of almost $30 Million Happy Jumping regularly is outside of most if not all of our budgets at the moment. Luckily there are Happy Boosts that are affordable for all budgets that are not only cheaper per stat point, but also will allow faster gains than a full Happy Jump since they can be done near daily.

Happiness as you may know affects your gym gains. At 1000 happy you will gain 10x as many stats as you would at 100 happy. (the actual formula is quite a bit more complicated than this, but for a new player with low stats this is generally accurate)

If you boost you happy above your current max (which is what we are doing here) it will reset back to the max at X:00, X:15, X:30, X:45 so make sure you leave yourself enough time to finish your training before then.

First off there are two cooldowns that are important here. I’ll explain those first.

Booster Cooldown

The booster cooldown maxes at 24 hours. 48 of any candy or 4 edvds will max it out, however since it immidiately falls below 24 hours this allows you to sneak one more in for 49 or 5 respectively. You can see your current Booster cooldown by hovering over the little orange bottle under you name. Note how I said almost daily above. That is because 49 candies will give you a 24:30 cooldown so you will need to either take a day off every once in awhile or (what I recommend) do a Tier 1 or 2 Happy Boost with a few less candies to keep it on a regular schedule. You could also just stick with 48 but at least with the Tier 3 I want to maximize the gains.

Drug Cooldown

The drug cooldown works a little differently. After you take any drug you cannot take another drug until the cooldown falls to 0. The 2 drugs we will be using here are Xanax which gives you 250 energy and has a cooldown of 6-8 hours and Ecstasy which doubles your current happiness and has a cooldown of 220-240 minutes. You can see your current drug cooldown by hovering over the marijuana leaf icon under your name.

One more note on drugs, if you take enough drugs you will start to gain an addiction. You can see your current addiction level by hovering over the brain icon under your name. If your addiction level gets to ~7% you can get kicked out of your education course so you will want to take a break or fly to Switzerland for rehab before then. Your addiction drops naturally every day at midnight so the most effective time to rehab is right after that. Also each time you rehab it gets a little less effective so it is best not to rehab all the way to no addiction as some of that last rehab will be wasted.

Now onto the good stuff.

Tier 1

This is the cheapest way to go. It uses the most basic candies which give +25 Happy each. I am going to refer to Lolipops as they can be bought the cheapest for $25 each at the Sweet Shop but Bag of Chocolate Kisses, Box of Sweet Hearts, Bag of Bon Bons,Box of Chocolate Bars and Box of Extra Strong Mints are all equivalent and have similar resale prices on the item market. I would recommend saving your Big Boxes of Chocolate Bars until you can afford the Tier 3 Happy Boost. At $3k for +35 happy I find these to be the best balance between happy gains and price. The rest of the candy I would sell as the price/happy gets exponentially higher as the candies go up in happy gains.

  1. @ full energy eat 49 lollipops

  2. Train with all your energy. Nice and simple.

Cost: 49x$25 = $1225

Tier 2

This one costs a fair bit more than Tier 1, but you will gain stats twice as fast.

  1. @ full energy eat 49 lollipops

  2. Take an Ecstasy to double you happiness

  3. Train all your energy

Cost: 49x$25 + ~69k = ~$70k

Tier 3

At this point things start getting more expensive. I am going to assume you have donator status by now.

  1. @ 150 energy take a Xanax for a total of 400 energy

  2. Wait 6-8 hours for the drug cooldown to wear off. Do NOT use your energy.

  3. Eat 49 Big Boxes of Chocolate

  4. Take an Ecstasy to double your happy

  5. Train your 400 energy

  6. (optional) Refill your energy for 25 points and train again. This is not as effective as Xanax so if you cannot afford to do steps 1-5 daily skip this step for now.

Cost: 49 x 3k + 835k + 70k (+ 1.3M for the points) = $1,052,000 ($2,364,500 with step 6)

Tiers 4-X

These are out of my price range for now so I haven’t done the math on them but they would involve more Xanax and higher tier candies. They may be added here later.

God Tier - Happy Jump

This gives you the maximum gains but also carries the highest risk. If you OD on the Ecstasy you lose all of your money.

  1. This one we start at 0 energy as we will be boosting up to the max of 1000 energy.

  2. Take a Xanax

  3. Wait 6-8 hours then go back to step 2 until you are at 1000 energy

  4. When the final drug cooldown ends take 5 edvds for +2500 happy each

  5. Take an Ecstasy

  6. Train for all the gains.

  7. Refill you energy for 25 points and use the code from the seasonal email newsletter if you have not already for 250 energy and train again.

Cost - 4x835k + 5x5Mil + 70k + 1.3M = $29,710,000