Guides: New LT/SB Guide

hello, newly-promoted LT/SB! welcome to your leadership position at NNGO :slight_smile:
there are a couple of things you’ll want to know before you start kicking ass and taking names, so here are three basics - how to a) give people their faction-stored money, b) loan out armor and/or drugs, and c) do OCs!

so here is how to give people their money from the faction vault when they request it.
from the Faction page, you’re going to want to click on Controls. from there, you can type in the faction mate’s name and then put in how much they requesting.
Remember to check their balance to ensure that they aren’t taking more than they have! And also make sure that the faction vault has enough to cover any large amounts being requested.

sometimes NNGO will get some noobs that need armor to get started in the game, which NNGO can provide on a loan.
to do this, go to the Armory tab on the Faction page and then the Armor subtab. from here, you should see what items are available for loan or already loaned out. you can loan to different users by clicking Loan and typing in their username/ID.

the same deal applies for giving out things like Xanax for chains. go to the Drugs subtab, and you’ll be able to give out drugs from here. BEFORE YOU GIVE OUT XANAX make sure to check the Faction page (Faction Tab, scroll down to the bottom, Armory subtab, type in the user’s username) to make sure that they haven’t already received 4x xanax for a chain.

lastly, wonderful OCs! for OCs, you’ll want to click on the Crimes tab of the faction. You’ll see all of the OCs that are ready, so click on Details to open it up. From here, you can click initiate if both parties are Okay status and in Torn. If they are not, they will appear as traveling like so, and the OC will fail. You will have to wait for that person to come back to Torn to initiate. If there are people who have been travelling consistently when their OCs are ready, feel free to reach out to them and drop their name in the OC Slackers thread on discord.

As soon as they are both Okay, you can click Initiate and the OC will happen. After it succeeds/fails, you will see a button to Plan Again, the same crime with the same people :slightly_smiling_face:

that’s all for now!

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