Guides: Getting Started

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Level 15


Your current goal is getting to Level 15 ASAP.

Step 1) Get out of the shack!

Renting a property:

Better properties offer more happiness and more happiness means more stat gains at the gym and quicker leveling!

Step 2) Hit the gym!

Your goal at the gym is to gain 200 in each battle stat.

To train as effectively as possible, whenever energy is full:

The higher your happiness, the better your gym gains. If your happiness goes over your maximum limit it will reset on the 15 minute intervals xx:00,15,30,45. So make sure you give yourself plenty of time to use the gym before your happiness falls back down to the maximum.

Step 3) Attack and leave people

Now you will use your energy to attack and leave people on the street. (Do not mug, do not hospitalize). This link will take you to the list of easy leveling targets.

Ask someone in the faction to loan you weapons and armour.

Making money

Every day you can buy 100 items from the shops in the city. Go to Bits & Bobs, buy 100 beer/plushies and sell them to a faction trader - Steqman, Lance68, or just ask in the faction chat, most older players will buy.


You should always be studying something at all times. We recommend Sports Science for all new players. This course gives you bonuses to gym gains.

Other courses that are good to get:
Biology - Intravenous Therapy
General studies - Driving License

More information

You can find all our faction guides here.


Faction Bank
You may deposit money in the faction bank to keep it safe. Beware that you will not be able to access it again without the help of a Treasury Officer (Leaders, Capos, Treasurers). You can ask in the faction chat or in our discord Treasurer Channel (link at the end)

You should also be using up your nerve several times a day doing crimes. You always want to go for safe crimes as getting “red” results will set you back weeks. At this point, you should be able to reliably shoplift jackets or pickpocket kids. If not, go back to searching for money for a couple days. As your NNB (Natural Nerve Bar) increases, you can start doing more challenging crimes. Here is a list of safe crimes you can work your way through.

If you’re getting red results at all, go back down to a lower crime.

Subscriber/Donator Status
If you’re enjoying the game, I would strongly recommend you look into becoming a subscriber or buying some donator packs to become a donator. It increases your energy to 150 as well as increases your energy regeneration so that you can train and attack faster. The cost is affordable and donator packs can be sold on the item market to generate some early cash.

It’s a good idea to get married and do so asap. The immediate benefit is that you both will start to earn the merits for being married for x amount of days. In the long term, once you’re both level 15 it is good to split the cost of a Private Island with someone else as they are costly to own, but necessary to get the best kind of gym gains.

So, go buy a cheap ring on the market, look for other single people in the faction or elsewhere, and get walking down the aisle!

Items in the City
Everyday there is the chance of items spawning on the city map. So give it a scan once a day, zoom in and turn off the color filters to get a better look. There are some external apps can can help with this, which will bring me to my next point…

External Apps
There are a multitude of extensions and apps to make life in TORN easier on you. Once again, these are all optional, but I figured I’d point out some of the more popular ones. Many of these will require you to input your API Key to access your account, it is safe to do so on these sites, DO NOT give your API Key to anyone else though, not even Faction Officers.

You can find your API Key under “Settings”

TornTools- This is an all around good extension. It highlights items on the city map, allows you to customize quick links, customized notifications, and a whole lot of other useful features.

TORN PDA - This is the best TORN app for your phone. It gives alerts for cooldowns, access to flights, map searches, chain list and a whole list of other easy to use functions.

TORNStats - This useful website allows you to track merit progress, compare your stats to others in the faction, track market prices, as well as a whole host of other features. This also integrates with DocTORN allowing more powerful features.

YATA - Similar to TornStats, but I personally think it’s more user friendly, however it doesn’t have integration with DocTORN.

TamperMonkey - This isn’t an exclusively TORN extension, but it’s a good loader/manager for a lot of TORN specific extensions. I’ll list some good extensions you can get through Tampermonkey.

  • Bazaar Auto Pricer

  • Hall-Of-Fame Filter

  • Investment Calculator 2.0

  • Special Gym Ratios

  • TORN: Safe Crimes

LEVEL 15 - firstly, congratz!
You want to travel to buy flowers/plushies/grenades to resell in TORN. You will really start making money at this point. The best destinations are the middle range travel options, unless you’re going for travel merits, I would avoid any destination with less than an hour of travel time. Here are some of the best places to go for a good income.

United Kingdom - Nessie Plushies, Fox Plushies, Heather
Switzerland - WHERE YOU REHAB, Chamois Plushies, Edelweiss, Flash Grenades
China - Panda Plushies, Peony

South Africa is the exception to the rule, this is a longer flight but you can buy xanax here for around 740k a piece.

Another item that is important to invest in is a large suitcase, it will increase your carry capacity by +4. . Another useful item is a personal computer. It will allow you to access parts of TORN while flying.

Your first investment should be to rent a Private Island which has an airstrip. You can do this on the rental market. This will make your travel costs zero and allow you to bring back 10 extra items (from a base of 5). To take advantage of these flights you need to hire a pilot under staff and make sure you’re selecting the private jet option from the travel screen. They also give you a huge boost to happiness which increases your gym gains. The easiest way to afford this is to get married and split the costs with your spouse. There are also merits for being married, so it’s a good idea to do that anyway if you haven’t already.

Training is perhaps the most important aspect of TORN. The higher your battle stats the more people you can take on for missions and the higher respect targets you can attack for chains. As mentioned above, it will also count towards your ranks. There are two main methods of training depending on your time/play style.

Option #1 - Daily Xanax & Boosters - We recommend this as the default training method for everyone. Take a xanax before logging off for the night, when you wake up, use happy boosters and then take an ecstasy and train off 400 energy. Doing this 7 days a week will give you good gains without running the risk of overdosing with stacked energy and also allow you to take more advantage of natural energy regeneration throughout the day.

Option #2 - Happy Jumps - If you have the money to do more and better happy jumps, they are still a viable option. Stacking to 1,000 energy is a good option if you are going to train with all EDVDS or if you plan to stack to that energy 3 times a week. As stated, happy jumping is when you take 4 xanax to stack to 1k energy, then use all happy boosters you can with an ecstasy.

Faction Requirements
Please check out and be aware of our faction requirements for all members who are above level 15. The linked thread will provide info on how to easily attain them. If you think you will struggle with either of these requirements for a period of time, please reach out to a faction officer. For temporary RL situations we will make exceptions, we do want to work with people. Communication is key!

Merits & Perks
You should always be chasing a few merits to complete. It not only breaks up some of the monotony of flying & training all the time, but the perks you can buy with them are very helpful. Take some time to look through the list of merits and identify some easy ones you can knock out.

When it comes to spending your merit points, we recommend maxing out Education Length first. From there, depending on playstyle, it’s always good to put some into Crime Experience, Masterful Looting, or the four stat enhancers (Brawn, Protection, Sharpness, Evasion). I would skip the weapon damage perks, putting those points into the stat enhancers will give you more bang for your buck.

Once you get your net worth up to around 1 billion it is also good to start maxing out bank interest.

As with most IRL Casinos, it’s a trap. It’s worth playing the games with the lowest betting amounts to get the merits for them, but beyond that, play at your own risk. Speaking from experience, I lost 300mil in Blackjack one night, thinking I could win it back…
The only game you should constantly play is the slots. You should use up all your casino tokens here daily, even playing $10 spins on the off chance you win the jackpot.

Faction Ranks
It might be useful to give our faction ranks an overview. These ranks transfer throughout NNGO factions.

Faction Gear & Weapons
As a final note, just want to encourage everyone to return the loaned equipment they have as they start making money and can afford their own sets. We want to keep that armor available for newer players who do not have the resources to afford them yet. If I see your networth is over a billion and you’re still borrowing armor, I will come after you :wink: