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Chains - By Sparks42069
Making Chains Work For You - By Reno
How To Be A Better Chainer - By Lance68
Chaining after an OD - by Myxti
Creating a Chain List - By Sparks42069

Chains - By Sparks42069

What are chains?
Chains are nothing but the whole faction making a string of attacks such that, there is a successful attack from the faction at a minimum of every 5 minutes.
A chain is initially started with 10 attacks in the space of 5 minutes after which it is sustained by a minimum of 1 attack every 5 minutes. The chain counter and timer is visible on the left pane, just underneath your life bar. In simple terms, if a chain is active: the bar will indicate such alongwith a countdown timer within which the next attack has to be made or else the chain breaks.
Maximizing chain length: To make the chain as long as possible, everyone stacks 1000 energy for the chain using xanax. [See the guide for stacking energy]

Benefits of chains?

  • Respect: Higher chains give more respect to the faction, respect allows us to unlock various perks (for eg, the +7 travel items and more). Chaining also gives a lot of EXP needed to level up.
  • Merits: Chains are great for merits, there are 3 merits which are obtained from chain bonus hits. (10/25/100) , (250,500,1000) and (2500). For first timers there are also participation merits.

Pattern of chains?

  • We chain every alternate Fridays and start at 15:00 TCT (aka UTC). We do efficient speedrun chains of 12-14 hours to hit the 2500 mark as quickly possible so that everyone can resume their normal flying patterns after that. No need to stretch the timer .

Some guidelines for chaining:
Bonus hits upto 1000: Hit nos- 25,50,100,250,500,1000 and 2500 are bonus hits. When you see the chain within 15 of the next bonus hit, please hop into in-game faction chat (the chat logo with the fist) and call out your hits. This is so that everyone has a fair go at getting the bonus hits and that if someone is supposed to get a bonus, it doesn’t get sniped by someone else.
Bonus hit 2500: This is a merit which is in the rare category. So the leaders award this hit to someone who is deemed deserving. (Eg. like longstanding loyal members who are regularly active and looking after the faction, or exceptional contributions) The decision is made known in the faction chat by the time chain reaches 2450 so given the rarity of the merit, it is extra important that it doesn’t get sniped and the deserving person misses out on it. Sniping hits (and especially the 2500th hit) can lead to serious consequences if deemed deliberate. The last person who did that deliberately was immediately removed from the faction with a lot of bounties placed on them.
Hitting allies with bonus hits: Please do not hit our neighbors or any known allies with bonus hits as they deduct a large chunk of respect from the other faction. Additionally if you are hitting an enemy with a bonus hit, make sure to stealth and avoid yourself some drama.

We chain every 2 weeks where you need a minimum of 40 hits and need to leave, not mug. This helps the faction grow and get better faction perks for you, and the faction perks are definitely worthwhile for you alone, but you also have the opportunity to make the most of these chains, completing missions and gaining merits as you chain.


Part 1 - Easy mode, you’ll gain these without trying, just by participating (44 mertis).

Respect Gained (10 merits):
100, 500, 1k, 2500, 5k, 10k, 25k, 50k, 75k, 100k

You’d pick these up eventually anyway, but the better respect your targets give you, the quicker you’ll get these merits. Great chain targets should have half your battle stats and as high level as possible.

Attacks Won (13 merits):
5, 20, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1k, 2k, 2500, 3k, 4k, 5k, 10k

The chain requirement is a minimum of 40 hits, but the more hits you make, the quicker you’ll pick up these merits :slight_smile: Ensure you choose your targets carefully to avoid attacks lost, so you make the most of your energy used.

Critical Hits (6 merits):
25, 500, 1k, 2500, 10k; hit 3 head shots in a row.

Training your speed equal to your strength or finding low dexerity targets will help you earn these merits quicker, but they will come regardless.

Rounds Fired (4 merits):
1k, 10k, 100k, 1mil

Using a weapon that shoots a lot of bullets like a minigun is best for chasing this, but just by participating in chains, these merits will come.

Damage Dealt (5 merits):
100k, 1m, 10m, 100m damage dealt; deal exactly 1,337 in a single hit

Deal damage, does what it says on the tin. Boss fights are also a great opportunity to deal a lot of damage.
Total hits (6 merits):
25, 100, 500, 1k, 2500, 10k

Finding targets that have higher defence or a lot of life are best for doing the most hits to, participating in boss fights also helps.

Part 2 - Medium mode, a little bit of preparation is required to pick up these merits (18 merits).

100 finishing hits (12 merits):
Clubbing, Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Piercing, Slashing, Heavy, SMG, Machine Gun, Fists/Kicks, Mechanical Hits, Temporary hits

Each weapon has a type (listed above). You gain a merit for 100 finishing hits for each type. A finishing hit is the last hit that defeats an opponent - you can weaken them down with your normal weapon, if needed. You can find different weapons with different types in the faction armoury that can be loaned to you.

Assists (2 merits):
1 assist, 250 assists

Inevitably, you will find yourself in a fight you are not going to win. You can ask in the faction chat for someone to help you out. After they defeat the target, you will gain an assist. Remember this, don’t risk losing a fight, get help and make merit progress.

Escape (3 merits) and stalemates (1 merits):
Successfully escape 50, 250, 1000 foes. Stalemate 100 times.

If you’re hitting a target and doing zero damage and they’re not hurting you, rather than calling in an assist, try to escape. If you’re unable to escape, see the fight through to the end and pick up a stalemate. Boss fights are also a great opportunity to escape/stalemate after you have made your hits.

Part 3 - Difficult mode, caution required (13 merits).

Bounties (5 merits):
Collect 25, 100, 250, 500 bounties. Earn $10,000,000 from bounty hunting.

After you have contributed your 40 hits and left your targets for the best respect possible, you can use additional hits after that to collect bounties. This is difficult becuase it will require you to analyse the target to ensure you can defeat them, also you won’t want to choose targets that will be terrible for respect. (Top tip: check the stats of the target for their defends won or foes escape to see if they may be stronger than they seem)

As you’ll be using the energy to make hits anyway, you can afford to choose targets that may pay out less than you would normally want in order to chase the merits. Remember, you have to hospitalise the target when you defeat them. Luckily this is the same respect as leaving.

Alternatively, after your 40 hits, you can ask another faction member to put small bounties on your usual chain targets and hospitalise them- gaining great respect and making merit progress.

Special Ammo (7 merits):
Use 100, 1000, 10000 rounds of special ammo; use 2500 tracer/incendiary/hollow point/piercing rounds.

You can buy special ammunition with mission credits. Complete missions, buy special ammo, let them loose on your unsuspecting victims! I, err, mean chain targets.


You can have up to 3 missions ready going into a chain. The best strategy is to complete missions that require little or no attacks and then save up 3 missions that require attacks to be made and complete them during the chain. If you were planning to complete the missions anyway, then this is just an efficient use of energy; if you don’t normally complete missions, then this is a good chance to gain some mission credits. [info source:]

Good missions to save for a chain:

Hide and Seek - Read the text that Duke gives after you accept the mission. He will give you an obvious clue of which player you need to attack, so you don’t need to waste energy attacking them all.

Hare, Meet Tortoise - Defeating a player with lightening fast speed simply means they are likely to land a lot of hits. If needed, you can decrease their speed with Smoke Grenade, OR your can increase your stats with drugs like Vicodin (+25% all stats) or temporary medical boosters, OR both.

Big Tub of Muscle - Defeating a player with gargantuan strength means they are going to hit you hard when they hit. To counter this, you can boost your defense (absorb the impact) or dexterity (dodge the attack.) Defense is likely the better strategy unless you are already a dexterity beast. The same rules as the above Hare, Meet Tortoise apply.

Immovable Object - Defeating a player with unpenetriable defense means you might be able to hit them, but you’ll do very little damage. Taking seratonin will quickly turn the tables, but you have to have the education course for it. Alternatively, you can have a stronger player knock them down to low health first, or use Vicodin to boost your stats by 25%.

Defeating a player with high dexterity means you need to either reduce their dexterity, or increase your speed. Melatonin (if you have the edu course) will speed you up dramatically for 120 seconds. Using this keeps you from using another temp like Pepper Spray, which would reduce the enemy stats. Vicodin in combination with Melatonin would make this rediculously easy.

Defeat player with object means use ONLY that object. If it says use a hammer, don’t use duel hammers. If it says use a rifle, that means use a rifle for all hits landed.

Hit player in specific body parts requires you to try to land a lot of hits, doing as little damage as possible. Use low accuracy, low damage weapons. Low accuracy will help prevent critical hits, while low damage helps keep them alive longer. Another trick is to attack them about half way through a health tick so that if you almost kill them, you can wait for the tick so they regain a bit of health for that 1 or 2 extra hits before they die. This could be the difference of 25 or even more energy.

Expend ammunition - I recommend just chaining or mugging as usual, but with a weapon that tosses out as much ammunition as possible. Chaingun or Armalite work well for this.

Collect $x bounties - You can NOT collect bounties you place yourself. This was an exploit which was patched. You can have a friend place a large bounty on someone easy though.

Defeat a large number of players - Combine this with your other missions. If you know you’re going to have to defeat 11 players for example, then wait to collect this mission until you have 2 more. Then start all three missions and complete the other two. Wait for 2 more (because you likely have 3 days to complete this one) and do them as well. By the time you complete Duke’s other missions, you are likely going to have this one done.

Note: Missions can overlap, for example if you have the mission to earn $x in bounties and to defeat a certain player, you can ask a friend to place a bounty on your mission target and then defeat them and collect the bounty all in one attack. I recommend doing this where possible to use energy efficiently.

How To Be A Better Chainer - By Lance68

The Basics
I think we all know the basics of what a chain is by now and why we do them. For some of our newer members though, I would point you to Sparks guide on chaining. Chaining is mandatory and we expect members to contribute at least 30, though everyone should aim for 50 hits a chain.

Maximizing Hits
Below are a variety of ways to easily get 50 hits on a chain:

  • Xanax - I think everyone knows how to stack xanax at this point, but with a full stack you can start off doing 40 hits. With an average drug cooldown of 6 hours, you can potentially take an additional 2-3 xanax during our 15 hour chains, which would be an additional 20-30 hits.

  • Point Refills - Each will provide you with an additional 6 attacks (just make sure you use them when you’re at 0 energy). As our chains straddle the IG reset you should be able to take two of these during the chain.

  • Natural Energy Regeneration - With donator/subscriber status your energy will completely refill every 5 hours. That means you can possibly completely regen twice during our 15 hour chains, which is another 12 hits.

There are other ways to raise energy - such as energy drinks, FHC, and job points. However, with just the above three methods you can do a potential of 94 attacks without having to spend a ton of money. With that in mind, mix and match whatever methods work for you to get 50 hits and above.

Why should you aim to do as many hits as possible though, instead of doing the bare minimum? First, there’s the direct benefit, that the more hits you do will gain more respect, allowing us to unlock more perks that benefit you. Secondly, it’s just being a good team player. There are always people that will have to miss a chain for RL issues or other scheduling problems, so we all need to work together to cover for them. Thirdly, if you average 60 hits a chain, you are eligible to have access to the drug cabinet to use faction xanax to stack, which reduces the expense to you. Lastly, every hit you do gives you extra entries into our monthly drawings for chaining prizes, which include donator packs and drug packs. The more hits you do, the higher your chances of winning.

The Importance of Respect Per Target

Maximizing hits is part of the equation, but the other part is maximizing the respect you gain per attack. If you’re going after low respect targets, you’re doing both yourself and the faction as disservice. Below is an example of what I mean.

Chainer A - Maxes out hits and does 94 hits with an average respect gain of 1.67 = 156.98 respect gained

Chainer B - Doesn’t max out, but does 46 hits with an average respect gain of 3.57 = 164.22 respect gained

Chainer A used a lot more resources (xanax, points, etc.) and actually ended up gaining less respect for the faction then Chainer B who stacked less, but picked better targets. For your own benefit, don’t waste your money like that. If you’re going to max out hits, max out the benefit you get from those hits as well!

Finding High Respect Targets/Creating A Chain List

I’ll list out some methods that have helped me find high respect targets that I can reliably beat. What you’re mostly looking for is the 3x fair fight bonus. Keep in mind when finding targets with any method, you have to account for the fact that you more than likely will have a drug cooldown during the chain which will reduce your stats. Make sure you go into a chain with plenty of items like pepper spray, with the setting to auto-equip between each attack, to beat your targets while on a cooldown.

  • Missions - Missions are an excellent way to find targets as Duke usually gives you targets that are roughly equal to you in stats. As you complete missions, pay attention to the respect that they give you. Anything that is giving you 3+ respect, keep their names for the next chain.

  • Hall of Fame - You can spend some time at the beginning of each chain testing out new targets from the Hall of Fame. For me, I sort by level, then look for people who are two ranks below me (once again, due to drug cooldown). You can usually beat those people pretty reliably and they should have stats close to yours so that you earn the fair fight bonus. As always, make sure to check other aspects of their profile before attacking them though. Have they taken more xanax than you? Do you have rank triggers that they don’t have which would contribute to you being a higher rank than them, but with less stats (networth/crimes)?

  • Faction Enemies - Similar to the Hall of Fame method, but you can look over our list of faction enemies. We are working to update this more often and index it better, but it’s a useful list of people to scope out.

  • Retaliation Hits - Keep an eye on the hits log in the faction. If you see one of our faction members get attacked, hospitalize the person who attacked them (assuming you think you can beat them). Retaliation attacks give 1.5x respect, which can add up to some good respect.

Making a list takes time and needs constant updating as your own stats grow. It’s up to each player as to how large you want your list to be… If you want to run off all your attacks in quick succession, you might need to create a list of 40 targets. However, I’ve done 60+ hits on chains attacking the same 4 targets over and over again as they get out of hospital, so it’s possible to get by with a much shorter list if you have the time to watch chains for an extended period of time.

Med Cooldowns/Assists/Not Dying

It doesn’t matter how good your targets are or how much energy you have if you can’t stay out of the hospital to actually do the hits. Every failed attack nets you 0.00 respect and wastes the time/money you spent to stack. If you think you’re going to fail an attack, ask for help. Someone can jump in and assist you and gain a 1.25x assist bonus. Getting that bonus is a net gain for both players.

Ideally, you want to go into a chain with 0 med cooldown, giving you the most flexibility. Having an existing list of good targets that you know you can reliably beat is the most important factor in that. Also, farming the same targets repeatedly as they get out of hospital can help a lot, as they’ll already be on low life when you go back to attack them. If you’re repeatedly losing attacks, you need to stop and rethink your chaining strategy. Once again, I think what really gets people is that they forget about the negative effects of the drug cooldown that they’re in, YOU NEED TO FACTOR THAT IN WHEN ATTACKING!

If you do find yourself dying though, be smart about managing your med cooldown. Don’t over heal when you don’t need to and, if possible, just wait until you’re naturally out of hospital if you have the time to stick around. Blood bags are the best bang for your buck as far as healing goes, but they use a lot of med cooldown. You will only be able to use 24 blood bags before you reach your max cooldown, which means you can only fully heal yourself around 4-5 times. Worst case, you can have a reviver standing ready to revive you, but the costs can be steep, usually either 1 xanax or 1mil. Also, avoid drugs like opium to get out of hospital. It will add a large amount of time to your drug cooldown, which you should be saving to take more xanax.

Lastly, this is not a faction requirement, but we would like to start encouraging everyone to fill 3-4 blood bags everyday so we can start to build up a stock.

Chaining From Your Phone

I think this is perhaps the biggest hindrance to some of our faction members. It can be more difficult to chain, keep a target list, and just keep track of things in general while playing from your phone. There are a couple apps that can help with this though.

TORN PDA - A lot of our faction members swear by this bare-bones TORN app. You can see all recent attacks that you’ve done, along with the respect gained. You can one touch add these to a target list in the app. You can also add targets manually with their player number. Nice, clean, simple and a must have for chaining from your phone.

YATA - This doesn’t always work great on your phone, but it does allow you to track your hits and respect in real time (you can’t see this IG until after the chain ends) and also provides a target list tool.

Chain Watching/Honors/Google Sheets

Just to lump together a few remaining items, I would direct everyone to our NNGO Chaining Google Sheet and would suggest that everyone bookmark it for future reference. Our faction tracks a lot of chaining related activity on that spreadsheet, which are beneficial for everyone to be aware of, especially the sign up sheet.

Our faction uses a system of hourly chain watchers, with a back-up lead watcher to ensure that our chains do not break and stretch the entire 15 hours. We always need people to fill these rolls for us, so if you have an hour to help watch, I would urge you to sign up. As an incentive, everyone who signs up is entered into a raffle to win a donator pack each chain.

The chain honors you can sign up for are called “Carnage” & “Massacre”. We give these out to members who do not have them on a first come, first serve basis. It is important to be around for the first few hours of the chain if you want to get these honors, as we get up to 1k hits very quickly and after that you will have to wait for the next chain. You cannot sign up for the “Genocide” honor, we use an internal equation based on hits and respect earned on our last 24 chains to determine who gets this honor.

On this spreadsheet you can also find everyone’s average hits for the current quarter and track your own progress towards averaging 30-50 hits a chain. There is also a tab that records all current faction member’s hits dating back to the first 2.5k chain we did. Lastly, you can view the list/ranking for the “Genocide” honor to see your progress on moving up the ladder for it.

Thanks again for reading, as we continue to grow and mature as a faction we need to keep refining how well we chain. Like I said at the start, I’m sure there are some things I missed, but maybe we can come up with a supplemental guide if there are enough other tips to add in. If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to hit up any of the faction officers or some of the more experienced Soldiers for clarification. Happy hunting!

You are deep into a stack a day or two before the chain. You pop a Xanax and get this message: “You take some Xanax and down a glass of water. A headache is followed by nausea and vomiting. You must have overdosed!”

The first instinct (after cursing) is to think that you are out of the chain. That’s not true! Don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. Sure, an OD close to a chain/war absolutely sucks, but you aren’t fully down. I created this guide just for you! Maximize your attacks despite an OD.

Ways to earn energy:

There are several ways to gain energy besides natural regeneration and Xanax. Others ways include:

Energy Drinks (It’s even better with certain faction perks unlocked).
Feathery Hotel Coupons (FHC)
Job points from working in a Candle Store or Farm. (The company must be at a certain level to have this perk unlocked. You can only use 100 points per day)
Seasonal Newsletter Bonus (make sure you are signed up)
Refill in the Points Building (only one can be used per day)

So, you ODed! The chain is not useless. The above items will help you. A few other items that may help…

Have a target list that gives good respect. This is beneficial in many ways, but after a while, you start to learn which of your targets you can still beat with the negative stat effects from a Xanax cooldown. If your drug cooldown is over and you have exhausted your energy using the items listed above, take a Xanax. Attack only those on your target list who you can beat.
If the chain is long enough or timed a certain way, you may be able to use 2 refills (one before and one right after midnight TCT). You can also do this with job points.
Your booster cooldown will lessen as time goes on. You can continue to take an energy drink or FHC as your countdown allows.
Use energy drinks first, but make sure to not to max your booster cooldown with them. Leave a little bit left before it is maxed. Then after using all of the energy, use an FHC to put it well over the limit.

Creating a Chain List - By Sparks42069

Hey everyone, (Quick note: Blue texts are hyperlinks which take you to the relevant page)
In case you are not aware Chedburn announced a significant update concerning factions this week(click this text), which will be online from the 21st. The update majorly affects walls and once applied it is very likely that we won’t be having walls for our chains. Hence to make chains easier it is better that we maintain a personal chain list to farm whenever we chain and maximize our respect gains as much possible. We will be needing to use them a lot more from our next chain onwards.
Respect gained from a fight matters on two things, battlestats and level. (Click here for details). I won’t bore you here with too many details here but in general anything more than 2.8/3+ is a good respect gained from a fight. Anything less than 2 is considered to be low.
How to save a list of targets beforehand:

  1. You can use your Enemies list to store high respect targets. However enemy list is best kept for blocking buymuggers.
  2. YATA: This is where YATA is so good. You can login to Yata using your API key from here. Once logged in you can see a Target section where you can store an unlimited number of targets with notes too. Personally, I prefer noting down the respect they gave me when I fought them. And once your list is ready, you have a handy list of targets you can easily farm quickly when we chain.
    3) Test account Chatboxes (easier but unorganized): Chedburn has a lot of inactive Tester accounts. Accounts names starting with the format ChedburntestXXX (XXX being a number) and with the Role: Tester. Here is an example. Sometimes I save some targets by opening a chatbox with such an account and saving the target links there. It is really primitive and you have no way to organize it really but think of it as a cheap alternative. It also runs the risk of a chat wipeout during any big server maintenance (not often though)
    Where to find good targets:
    1) Duke Missions: Your Duke mission targets are usually always high respect targets and the best places to find targets. Whenever you beat a Duke mission target save it on your chain list. Go through your previously completed Duke missions too and add the successful ones onto your chain list.
    2) Hall of Fame: Hall of Fame is the ranked leaderboard where you can see the different leaderboards for people close to you. Most likely than not, attacking them will give decent respect. Try it out when you have any spare energy and expand your list some more before our next chain.
    3) For below level 15s: Baldr’s leveling list. Stick to that and you’re good.
    Why is having a chain list beforehand beneficial: Trying to find targets during a running chain is difficult and can lead to many losses or low respect hits which make the chain more inefficient. So having a good list of chain targets beforehand is really helpful. You don’t need to have too many targets saved necessarily either. You can just have 20 roughly and keep cycling over them through the chain.