Free Games and Good Deals

Regions Of Ruin free on Steam.

Caelus Trident free on Steam.

Symmetry free on GOG

Welcome Back To 2007 2 free on Steam.

Khan VS Kahn free on Steam.

Escape From Tethys free on Steam.

Keyboard Killers free on Steam.

Gone Home free on Epic.

Hob free on Epic.

Pinball FX3 Care Package free on steam. If you don’t have the buy button at that page, just click the game or the dlc’s and select it from there.

Gang of Four free on steam.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service free on Epic till 8th

Autobahn Police Simulator free on Steam

Rayman Legends Standard Edition free on Ubisoft (again) - There seems to be some issues on this one being free or not depending on the country, they might be rolling it out as free some places at the time.

Random thought I had. Next time someone wants to giveaway a steam key use the giveaway bot on discord. Set the timer long enough to give everyone who would like it a shot. You’ll probably need @anto_capone’s help to set it up. I think you need a special permission to host them.

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BANG! BANG! Totally Accurate Redneck Simulator -

Lightning War