In addition to your energy, nerve, happy and life, there are 3 other resources that you have & should be using. These are your cooldowns, which are split up into Booster, Drugs and Medicial. In this guide, I will briefly explain what each cooldown is used for & then layout how best to use them at different stages of progress.

Booster cooldown is set to a maximum of 24 hours by default, but faction perks can increase this to be higher, which can be useful. As long as you have less than the maximum booster cooldown, then you can use items that add more booster cooldown. Once it is over the maximum, you will need to wait for the cooldown to tick down below the maximum before you can use more.

This is increased by eating candy (by 30 minutes each) which increases your happy, drinking alcohol (by 1 hour each) which increases your nerve or drinking energy drinks (by 2 hours each) which, as you may have guessed from the name, increases your energy; also some other special items use booster cooldown as well.

Drug cooldown needs to be zero for you to use a drug. Each drug adds a different amount of drug cooldown, which can vary slightly. Drugs have varying effects, but they’re most commonly used to gain nerve, energy or happy.

Popular drugs include Xanax (gain 250 energy), Cannabis (gain some nerve) and Ecstasy (doubles happy). All drugs have a chance of overdosing, which is a risk. All overdoses are quite rare and can have different effects, but overdosing on Cannabis is extremely rare, whereas overdosing on Xanax or Ecstasy is more common.

You can read more about drugs here!

Medical cooldown increases when you use medicine to reduce your time in hospital or when you fill a blood bag. Just like booster cooldown, medical items can be used so long as the cooldown is below the maximum (which by default is 6 hours).

I recommend that you study Introduction to Biology and Intravenous Therapy as soon as possible. This will unlock the ability for you to fill empty blood bags and use blood bags of your blood type, which is the most effective form of medicine!

You can fill up blood bags here!

Under Level 15

Firstly, read this guide and this one. This will set you out to level up to 15 quickly.

Booster cooldown: Alcohol
Drug cooldown: Cannabis
Medical cooldown: Small first aid kits (to recover from inevitably losses)

There is a merit called “Who’s Frank?” for using 50 cannabis. Also, there is a merit called “Alcoholic” for drinking 500 bottles of alcohol.

Your energy will be used making attacks and levelling up. So, now is a great time to use your cooldowns for improving your Crime Experience. Here is a guide on how to do that. The extra nerve from Cannabis and Beer will increase your progress!

Level 15+ Less than 400k per stats (per stat)

Post-Level 15 guide. And general lvl 15+ tips and advice.

Booster cooldown: Candy
Drug cooldown: Xanax, Ecstasy
Medical cooldown: Blood bags

During this stage of your development, it is all about gym gains and it is all hands on deck to make those epic gym gains! You will be doing happy jumps, using candy / booster cooldown to increase your happy as much as possible and then using ecstasy / drug cooldown to double it. If you have stacked energy with xanax beforehand then you can make the most of the happy jump.

For small happy jumps. And, more happy jump guidance.

Once you have the education for blood bags, you should fill them up as frequently as possible. Not only does it help build up the faction’s medicine cabinet, but also, it makes progress for you towards two merits called “Transfusion” and “Anaemic” for filling 250 and 1,000 blood bags respectively.

Level 15+ More than 400k per stat

Booster cooldown: Alcohol
Drug cooldown: Xanax
Medical cooldown: Blood bags

Once you have more than 400k in a single stat, it is no longer better to do happy jumps and instead you should just spend energy directly into the gym as soon as you get it (no more stacking). As you will no longer need your booster cooldown for happy jumps, you can return to alcohol in order to increase your nerve and crime experience.

If you have the money for it, you may even consider using energy drinks at this stage to increase the rate of your progress, but this is very expensive.