Celsius Mass Bans Players

This list is not definitive, many of these people are definitely innocent. What the fuck is up Celsius’ ass this time? I see Kazzia and Jaqk on there, seems they are using a bazooka to perform surgery no matter any collateral damage?

Hogan.llewellynn Brandon.
Mari llewellynn
grace Killian

Just part of the reason where my desire to log in at this point is around -10.

I am telling you, ANY other admins and RK would be a decent game. Celsius are among the worst I have ever seen in gaming.

Kazzia, Celestia, Mari, and Kenzie_ were all legal alts. Annalese and I were declared shared connection.

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Did you try the ‘help desk’? Just wondering what some people should do from here.

As much as I dislike the game it sucks to see my friends get hurt by these idiot devs.

I completely agree. I am honestly amazed they continue to have a business/game; but I’m guilty. I keep logging in to see if they’ve collapsed yet.

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I think that is pretty much why most of the older players still log in. To see if they no longer can.

Completely ignorant as to what is behind this and I’m not meaning to antagonize anyone that might have been innocently caught up in it, but what’s going on down in England with the repeated large erradication “events” lately

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Were there more events like this of late? I quit long enough ago that I haven’t noticed.

There were eradications related to the last royal election not too long ago.

I will never understand how they couldn’t by now have implemented a system that blocked or prevented things like this from happening. Torn does exactly that.

Celsius are lazy af lol

What’s behind that? Cash inflow differences play a part in it? It definitely looks like Torn has a larger staff and makes effective use of freelancers.

Calsius at one point had a lot of revenue, they did choose to neglect RK until the game suffered with player retention.

On their business pages they still claim to have an ‘income’ of around 3M per year, they purchased two or three other gaming studios a couple years back as well.

They had money, idk if they still do but they squandered their time and their playerbase for sure.

Torn also actually implements player suggestions and they’re very open about their finances. There is a graph somewhere that shows operating expenses compared to income.

I love my RK toon; but the game play is boring and basically unchanging. The sense of identity that used to be part of othe game is gone (in my opinion) since they allowed multi-accounting and lots of originally English players made alts to spy everywhere they could.

Meh. It all just makes it hard to want to log in.

My educated guess is that they were eradicated for abusing the voting function of the “shared connection” between characters. The issue is that the rules the admins published as to what you can and can’t do with declared alts and shared connections isn’t all that clear. I’m sure some of these people accidentally voted in multiple elections not realizing it was illegal or there was additional proof that people using connection share were in fact the same person.

Honestly, outside of Anna and Kazz, I don’t think anyone on that list is a huge loss. People are complaining like every active person in Sussex was eradicated, which is not true. They’ll get over it. I do wish the admins would clarify what you can and can’t do with these different connections though. That’s why I always stuck to one character, don’t want to press a wrong button by accident and end up eradicated.

An edit to say that someone specifically reported Anna & Kazz and was complaining about the Sussex election results. I think that got the ball rolling so Celsius did a sweep of the whole county.

I don’t know many on that list, I did see Jaqk on there and I’ve known him a long time. He said he has no idea why they erased his toon but hopefully now I can recruit him on Torn lol

Doesn’t the game block shared connections from voting in the same county? Or is it only prevented if you are in the same town as your shared connection?

I thought the game blocked you from voting / committing actions if they were unallowable; if it doesn’t then really admin should step up and make it so. I agree with Lance about admin needing to be clear about what is allowable with shared connections and alts, it would prevent some of the issues they create for themselves.

The admins never share the reasons for eradication. They did mention it was related to voting in the last election and the only common connection I can make among many of those eradicated is that they all play more then one character through combinations of declared alts and connection shares. Like I said, was just inferring that the cause must be illegal voting among multi-accounts whether they knew they were doing it or not. Could be wrong though.


The eradications during the Royal Elections were bug exploit related weren’t they? I think the admins released an announcement on that.

At the same time there was a group of characters that came up to Scotland from England that opened taverns in every town. Those taverns were stocked with endless supplies of stat food and 4 fish/fruit meals set to minimum prices. The characters all had premium clothing, tens of thousands of pounds, didn’t have achievements for buying tokens, and were all 2-3 months old. Definite bug exploiting there too. They were eradicated at the same time as the ballot stuffers.