2 more days until it drops, who else is getting it?

Coming to this late, but that’s nifty. I’ve been doing some trading but it’s good to know what higher end prices I should hold out for.

Yea I made a lot of bank trading, finally I am creating my own kingdom. It takes awhile to gauge the prices just by memory but there is profit everywhere I go now.

Also, make caravans. They are sooo much more worth it than workshops.

So here’s a question, I’ve only been playing on an off for two weeks. I thought I finally got my small army trained up enough to take on a castle for the first time. It was 273 to 51, but I remember in the first game with 50 Swabian Knights you could take anything. I ended up getting rocked tough and losing big.

Is there something different with sieges now? Are they harder? Do I just need to level up my forces more? Here’s what I have:

5 - Me and 4 NPCS on horseback
1 - Sturgian Spearman
7 - Sturgian Veteran Warrior
1 - Vladian Infantry
22 - Vladian Light Cavalry
1 - Vladian Vanguard
5 - Vladian Knights
2 - Khuzait Tribal Warrior
8 - Khuzait Raider
1 - Khuzait Horse Archer

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Well it seems a bit similar in how it works, but yea you dont have enough there to beat 273.

What I did was opportunist, I attacked a faction that was already in a war. They only had about 120 troops behind their wall, and I had around 100 myself. I destroyed them, I was running a heavy ranged group with mainly archers but some xbows as well.
When it comes to sieges imo same as the first game it really comes down to armor. The troops you will be sending over the wall have to be heavily armored, preferably with shields to withstand the barrage. It also helps having some archers on the ground shooting their archers as well.
I would get your renown up a bit more, get at least 65-70 troops and train them well. Chase down all those shitty looter groups you find, and dont do each battle but just send your troops. You will rake in renown and train your troops fast at the same time.
But, don’t neglect yourself as well. Make sure you are doing everything you can to raise your battle stats and to get the best armors.

In the end you want to get in a position where you can deal with 1 or 2 lords at a time as well, they will give you tons of gear and loots, simply by the prisoners alone. I sold over 100k worth of gear one time after just running around slashing lords. Have to save often though, occasionally will run into that group of 300+ that wipe me out lol

TL;DR: Need moar troops bro

Yeah that might be it then, just need more troops overall. Need to get my party size up. I remember being borderline invincible with 50 Swadian Knights and 10 Elite Horse Archers. Maybe they balanced things a bit more so that you need more to take on castles.

Yea but you have to think your army isnt even close to 50 knights either, so dunno xD

That’s true, I guess I was really overestimating the power of those 22 Light Cavalry.

On another note, I just found out the power of buying cheap items then smelting them down into components then reselling those components for bank. Never have to worry about money again.